USF4, Circuit Of The America’s, Gas Monkey - Debrief

    It’s been an amazing weekend in Texas, the people of Dallas and Austin have been very welcoming and USF4 and the SCCA have put on a great weekend.

    Race one was the particular highlight of the weekend, getting through the pack from 21st to 8th was a lot of fun, the USF4 cars are really well balanced and equal.

    Qualifying was an issue this weekend. With our series having a strict 20 minute qualifying set by the FIA, when another driver had an incident early on, this lead to a nearly 10 minute Red Flag with the clock still running.

    Had we qualified within the top ten then a podium would have been highly possible.

    With only 5 minutes left on the clock we all were released from the end of the pit lane. However, the right rear then got a puncture - which despite the best driving efforts, we could only qualify 21st on.

    It was great to meet the Gas Monkey Energy team, watch the F1 with a Richard Rawlings in the Racing Point Garage and get a chance to try the range of drinks they’re releasing into the European market soon, we’ll keep you updated when.

    Huge thanks to the Alliance Racing team, Toney the team principle and owner, Tim Shank the crew chief, Jonas Ke and Tim Neff with their engineer expertise and Shaun for being a great mechanic all weekend.

    Alliance are a professional outfit and it was great to race with them this weekend.