Toniq Design & Production Engineering Confirmed as 2019 Sponsor

    A great future partnership between Cornwall's Formula 4 racing driver and the boutique engineering company, Toniq. Toniq are proud to offer the CB sports car as a showcase for our skills in Design, Development and Manufacturing abilities.

    As you look around the website you will find out what makes Toniq and the CB range of sports cars unique, from the technical design of the car to the ethos and philosophy of the people behind the company.

    The Toniq CB will change your outlook on driving, the excitement from every journey turns the experience into an adventure.

    The astonishing versatility of the car allows the venue to be on the road, track days, race tracks, sprints or hill climbs.

    Buy YOUR Toniq CB honed to your specific requirements. Go choose your playground!

    I hope that you enjoy looking around the website and I invite you to visit our facility and take our demonstrator vehicle for a test drive.

    In one short visit you can discover what has vaulted Toniq to the pinnacle of the niche vehicle industry, not simply our stunning sports cars, but also the team who take such pride in each and every car. It is sure to be a day that you will never forget!

    We invite you to pick up the phone TODAY and arrange your test drive, I promise you won't regret it!