Strong Points Haul at Thruxton

    Another last lap battle for the lead with Josh Skelton led to trip to the podium, however this time around Josh came out on top.

    Skelton, P1 - Foster, P2 - Alvarez P3.

    The tremendous race two fight between Tommy Foster and JHR racer Skelton reached a crescendo at the chicane on the final lap, with the pair running side-by-side through the corner, over the kerb, then the grass and finally out onto the main straight to greet the chequered flag.

    Skelton emerged ahead, taking the win by just under half a second. "It was a tricky race, the guys around me had new on the left so I was struggling compared to them. It is what it is, we had used ours up." "I thought I'd had it (the lead), but going into the last corner (he) just got up there" "It's frustrating because I had it for the whole race, the gap was remaining the same however the last couple of laps the tyres dropped off the cliff."

    "Happy with second but of course, everyone wants the win."

    Racing returns at Knockhill, Scotland, on the 14th and 15th of September.