Racing In Austin F1 Race With Team Gas Monkey/Alliance Racing in US F4

    We can proudly announce that we will be racing for the Gas Monkey Supported, Alliance Racing, in the last round of US F4 at the Circuit of the Americas F1 Grand Prix.

    It’s a great pleasure to be racing with Alliance on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of November and we hope to be rewarding them with some good results.

    Alliance Racing is backed by Richard Rawlings and the Gas Monkey team with their energy drinks brand Gas Monkey Energy.

    Gas Monkey are famous American hot rod builders in Texas with their offices in Austin, this is also their home race.

    Fast ‘n Loud is the worldwide TV Show following Richard on his path to worldwide domination by buying and selling classic cars, after a few tweaks by his ‘Monkeys‘ at the Garage.